Advantages of aluminium pontoons FAIFR-1 for vertical stock tanks compared with other similar structures:

1. Flexibility and wider width of shell plates (2 m) are the main distinguishing features that set FAIFR-1 apart from nearly all other floating roofs of domestic and foreign manufacture.

2. Greater strength and resistance allow FAIFR-1 to endure distributed loads up to 900 kg (compared to 240 kg limit of rival companies) and ensure the necessary reliability and durability of constructions. Estimated useful life of FAIFR-1 is 20 years minimum.

3. Hinges between the pontoons eliminate end cap tension, preclude cracking and provide flexibility of pontoon fastenings.

4. Overlap bolting with M10 stainless steel bolts between cylinder clamping beams ensures firm-and-impervious joint of FAIFR-1 shell plates throughout the entire operating life. In other constructions this joint is made with self-drilling screws and sealing agent and jointing paste.

5. For maximum flexibility (one of the main advantages of FAIFR-1) our shell plates are 2000 mm wide and 0.6 + 0.1 mm thick. Other designs are 1000mm-1500mm wide and 0.5 mm thick, which increases the weight and rigidity of the floating cover.

6. Only floating roofs FAIFR-1 (among the domestic counterparts) are flexible enough to replicate the waves shape in turbulent flows and to attenuate them.

7. Only floating roofs FAIFR-1 in case of vapour locks in the tank due to flexibility can conglobate and vent the gas flows through drainage tubes, wells and a vacuum breaker as well as into the gap formed between the gate and the vertical wall of the tank. Rigid structures of other models of internal floating roofs on exposure to air locks bump into the tank roof and tend to destroy.

8. FAIFR-1 is unsinkable due to its double buoyancy.

9. FAIFR-1 is supplied complete with a conductive brush seal made of nitrile butadiene rubber with additives to improve the mechanical and chemical resistance. As a result the pontoon efficiency to reduce hydrocarbon emissions to the atmosphere amounts to 98% -99.5%.

10. FAIFR-1 standard equipment necessarily includes ventilation equipment type «B» that guarantees the non-explosive concentration of gas mixture in VSTP. By comparison, our competitors supply ventilation equipment only at customer’s request and at additional charge.

11. Absence of hydrogen disulphide in the space between the FAIFR-1 and the roof of the tank significantly reduces the rate of corrosion of the roof and prevents formation of pyrophoric compounds, which eliminates any possibility of fire.

12. FAIFR-1 design is based on the best domestic and foreign experience. This combination allowed to create a perfect and simple construction, which assembling with power tools does not require skilled workforce. A company representative conducts instruction and supervises the work of installation staff, which allows to complete the assembling of FAIFR-1 in the short term. Thus, the installation period for the tank 10.43 m in diameter (V = 1000 m3) is 2 days and for the tank 23.00 m in diameter (V = 5000 m3) is 4-5 days.